Welcome to SurfBuddies

Nothing is more important than the safety and well being of our children. Access to information in today's society is essential and the internet is the gateway to that information, yet unfettered access to the internet is full of peril for our children. It is important that children learn how to use the resources available while, at the same time, be protected from the undesirable influences which are so prevalent. With this in mind, SurfBuddies has developed proven safe and secure email applications designed to give children a safe experience while on line.

Child safe email accounts. Access with any browser!

SurfBuddies WebMail is a child safe email system which is designed to be accessed by any browser. Your child is provided with their very own email account. SurfBuddies WebMail provides the best protection from SPAM and protection against email from questionable sources.

SPAM Firewall Protection

SurfBuddies uses a 4 level anti-SPAM protection firewall to eliminate unwanted emails. Our SPAM firewall not only relies on known spammers black lists, but also scans each message for a wide variety of spammers' tricks. In short, our SPAM firewall works very well.

Incoming emails are scanned and either approved, removed or quarantined. Quarantined messages are placed in a special "Blocked Messages" folder on our servers which cannot be accessed by the child. Only a responsible adult using the "Parent Password" can view the messages in this folder. The blocked messages can then be deleted or the sender approved, added to the child's buddy list and the email moved into the child's inbox. Simple and effective!


  • Send & receive text messages to and from cell phones.
  • Multiple "skins" so children can choose the look they like best.
  • Sound effects.
  • Selection of fun animated cursor effects.

Highlighted Safeguards:

  • Buddy List. Operates on both incoming and outgoing mail.
  • System maintained black list of known spammers. Hundreds of thousands of SPAM sources blocked. List is updated daily.
  • Profanity filter.
  • Personal Info filter. Does not allow sending personal information.
  • Blocks email with malicious attachments.
  • Parental Controls are all password protected.
  • Option to copy parent on all emails sent by the child. Allows you to keep a watchful eye on what is being sent to others.