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ZillaMail is a web based email system that is safe for children, is spam free and parent password protected. There is nothing to download. Your child is provided with his or her own email account which is designed to be accessed by any web browser. and ZillaMail comply fully with the federal COPPA law (Children Online Privacy Protection Act).

Parent Password Protected

ZillaMail has certain areas that are only accessible with a Parent Password. This password allows access to add and remove contacts to the child's Buddy List, accesses the Blind Carbon Copy and Message Filtering features, as well as set preferences and view blocked messages.

Safe for Kids - Comfort to Parents

ZillaMail is simple and fun to use. Kids can choose “skins” they like best from various themes. New themes are regularly released for your children's enjoyment.  Our state of the art spam filters make sure your child will never see an unapproved message or spam.

Profanity Filter and Personal Information Filter

ZillaMail contains a profanity filter feature that removes offensive words and phrases from the child's email. The filter contains words and phrases which are universally accepted as objectionable and inappropriate for children.

The Personal Information Filter gives you the ability to add additional custom words and phrases to the filter. Things such as the child's address, phone number and local dialect curse words may be added to further enhance your child's security.

Blind Carbon Copy and Message Filtering

ZillaMail incorporates a blind carbon copy feature. This means that all email sent and received by a child may be copied to their parents email address. This feature is configurable and may be enabled or disabled by the parent.

Message Filtering scans incoming emails and either approved, removed or quarantined. Quarantined messages are placed in a special “Blocked Messages” folder which cannot be accessed by the child. The blocked messages can only be viewed by the parent using the “Parent Password”. The blocked messages can then be deleted or the sender approved and added to the child's “Buddy List”.


ZillaMail's Basic service is free!  With our free Basic service you have the ability to add up to 3 buddies, you get our state of the art spam filters, our profanity and information filters and all the safety features for which ZillaMail is known.

To upgrade to our Premium service, ZillaMail is only $1.99 per month, or sign up for a full year at a reduced rate of $14.95. We also have discounts for multiple children.

ZillaMail Premium offers an unlimited buddy list, ZCards and much more. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with our service for any reason. We want our children to be as safe as possible on the internet and are very proud to offer our exceptional service at such a low cost. and ZillaMail comply completely with the federal COPPA law (Child Online Privacy Protection Act).

Price FREE $1.99 $14.95
Safe Email Service Check mark Check mark Check mark
Spam-Free Check mark Check mark Check mark
Profanity Filter Check mark Check mark Check mark
Fun Themes Check mark Check mark Check mark
Buddy List 3 max. Unlimited Unlimited
Send Only To Buddies Check mark Check mark Check mark
Send To Any Address   Check mark Check mark
e-Cards   Check mark Check mark
Favorite Folders   Check mark Check mark
Buddy Groups   Check mark Check mark
IMAP for Mobile Devices   Check mark Check mark
  2 Child Plan Monthly
2 Child Plan Yearly

  Up to 5 Children Monthly
Up to 5 Children Yearly

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up my ZillaMail for use with IMAP email such as the iPod Touch, mobile devices, Outlook and such?
Click on the link for set up instructions.   Use ZillaMail on your iTouch

What is is designed for children between the ages of 6 and up to be a safe online environment where they can connect with friends and family with their very own ZillaMail email account. They can play free online games, listen to music, and watch the latest movie trailers

Why did you create
We felt that children needed the ability to communicate with their friends and family electronically without the danger of unmonitered chat rooms, instant messages or blogs. We created a “Home Page” around our wonderful web mail so kids would have an all around safe environment to stay, play and connect.

Can my child only send and receive email from other ZillaMail users?
No, children can send and receive email from any type of email account as long as the email address is on their approved buddy list.

Can I sign up more than one child? Does each child have their own account?
You will need to create a separate account for each child, but they can be administered together through the Parent Administration. To be able to administer the children together, just register each child's account individually, but make sure to use the same parent email address during the registration. This will tie the children's accounts together under one parental log-in.

How do I cancel and account?
To cancel an account just email from the registered Parent Email address with the user name of the account you wish to cancel.  Please include the parent password for account verification.  If the request is within 30 days of registration, you many also ask for a refund.



Trouble receiving email to the ZillaMail account:
If your child isn't receiving any email messages from buddy list senders, please check to make sure the sender is using and not for your child's email address.

Unable to use ZillaMail with iPod Touch or other IMAP email:
IMAP is not an options for our Basic free account, only the paid Premium account.

I am receiving excessive spam in my Blocked Email folder:
We are constantly upgrading our spam filters, but unfortunately spammers are also constantly updating their ways of delivering spam.  If you are receiving excessive spam on your Blocked Email folder contact to have your account put on our high alert list.  Notifying us also helps us identify new threats out there.

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