SurfBuddies Assistant. The power to tame your mobile email!

SurfBuddies Assistant Overview

Access All Of Your Email Accounts

You can add references to as many email accounts as you control. From a single "Refresh" press, all of your accounts will be checked. You can also choose from a list of convienient automatic refresh intervals.


Choose From Whom To Receive Emails

SurfBuddies Assistant allows you to choose which contacts you will check. Only emails from those contacts will be loaded on your mobile device. Emails from others will be left untouched on the email server where you can read them from your computer.

Import contacts from your Mobile Device, Gmail© or Yahoo! Mail©. Should you desire you can add other contacts manually.

You can add entire domains to your SurfBuddies Assistant contact list so you don't miss emails from anyone at that important organization.

Have an email account that you want to accept all incoming messages? No problem.


Display Fully Formatted Emails

Emails are displayed fully formatted just like they are on your laptop or desktop computer. The layout and embedded images are presented just as they were written.


Easy Setup

To add email accounts simply enter the email address and password for the account and press "Add".

No need to know Server Names, Port Numbers, SMTP, POP3 or IMAP. We know how to connect to all of the popular email services and many, many others. Press "Add" once and it's done.

Have an email domain hosted on Gmail or Yahoo? It's still no problem. We discover where the domain is hosted and configure appropriately.

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